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Cancellation and Refund Policy

We abide by the Google Play Terms of Service for purchase of items within an app. You may view the Google Play Terms of Service, for terms regarding the Usage, Purchases, Subscriptions, Rights and Restrictions for consumers of apps from Google Play. All purchases and subscriptions in CricDeCode are done via Google Wallet. Visit the Google Wallet Help for further queries regarding the operation of Google Wallet.

We provide the following items as yearly subscriptions,

1. Unlimited Matches

2. Unlimited Matches & Cloud Backup

These subscriptions are auto-recurring and you may cancel the subscription at any time before the end of the applicable billing cycle, and the cancellation will apply at the end of that billing cycle.  For example, if you have subscribed an item on the 31st October 2013,   and you cancel the subscription at any time before 31st October 2014, you will not receive a refund for the current billing period. You can continue to use the features of the subscription till 31st October 2014. You may view the Subscription Refund Policy and the Google Play Terms of Service on Subscriptions.

We provide the following item as a one-time purchase,

1. Remove Ads

This purchase will be cancelled only if the request for cancellation is received within 1 hour of the purchase. You may view the In-app purchase and Refund Policy by Google.

How Can I cancel my purchase?

To cancel a purchase, you need to send us a mail to

Your mail should contain the following details.

1. Name of the item that you wish to cancel eg. Unlimited Matches & Cloud Backup

2. Full name as it appears on your Facebook account

3. Order Number that you received in an email when you made the purchase

4. Order Date that you received in an email when you made the purchase eg. 30 Oct, 2013

5. (Optional) Reason for your cancellation

Please send the mail with the subject ‘Order Cancellation’.

Updated on 8th November, 2013